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Moondrops Tincture

Moondrops Tincture

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An herbal formula curated to be a helping hand for women's menstrual cycles. If you have an irregular moon-time, painful PMS and/or cramps or are very moody and are searching for some natural relief you have come to the right place!

Our botanical tincture can be taken for your acute symptoms but also it can be taken over a month taking a two week break before again taking it for one month. Please do not take this tincture as a tonic, ie everyday for more than a month without a break.

This blend is warming to a cold pelvic area bringing circulation and comfort.

1 oz glass dropper bottle


***Blue Cohosh, ***Ginger, ***Roses, ***Cramp Bark, ***Skullcap and ***Nettles, ***distilled spirits (Grain + Corn free)


Care Instructions

Keep in a cool dry place.

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