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Herbal Honey

Herbal Honey

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Our flower infused honeys are a great way to enjoy blooms that come and go quickly in the spring and summer. 

We use only local honey and freshly gathered flowers. 

Each one can effectively be used as a moisturizing face mask with the added benefits of the flower's properties. Enjoy in your daily tea, smoothies and even in coffee or any other way that you normally use honey!

Choose between 4 flower options: 

Our Grindelia honey was curated for its more medicinal qualities. Grindelia is great for lung congestion and colds and flu, bronchitis and hay fever. Take a tsp. 1-3 times a day when sick. 

Rose is a cell regenerator and speaks in the language of Love. Use this honey for spells and rituals where Love is the desired outcome. 

Lilac is such an ethereal bloom that is fleeting to say the least. I love capturing her scent for later in the year when I miss her sweet fresh aroma. 

Honeysuckle is another bloom favored by many. She lovingly haunts the summertime memories of many a child. 

Each honey pot comes with its own honey dripper and a honey bee charm. Our infused honeys make great gifts!

1.5 ounces 


Local honey, fresh spring blooms

Care Instructions

Keep in a cool dry place.

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