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Moon Time Womb Rub

Moon Time Womb Rub

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This is one of my favorite products from Moon Wise!

Our modern society has very effectively taught women to neglect our Moon times and to hush them away with pills and tampons as we continue to with life as usual and pay no head to this most sacred time.

This womb rub offers a natural respite from cramps and a crummy attitude. You can use it on the go, just lovingly rub over the womb area when cramping is present. For maximum relief though, of both body and mind, rub some oil on womb, lay a cloth over your womb coving the oil and lay a hot water bottle over the cloth. Take 15-30 minutes to just lay and relax and let the aromatic oils penetrate deeply, relaxing muscles and mind.

I prefer the hot water bottle as heating pads and blankets are known to disrupt the electromagnetic field of the body.


10 ml glass Roll-on


***Castor oil, ***Sesame oil, Vitamin E oil

***Essential oils :: Cinnamon, Clary Sage, Marjoram + others


Care Instructions

Keep in a cool dry place.

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