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Lilac Elixir

Lilac Elixir

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Lilac is always a welcome bloom every spring. Lilac's sensuous aroma is uplifting, calming and comforting and is said to dispel negativity. A great addition to your spring spell craft, ritual, self-care and self-love toolkit. Use as an energetic medicine to sweeten a bitter or sad heart.

Lilac is also antibacterial and anti-fungal, she fights fevers, treats coughs and lung infections, calms the stomach and supports digestion. Lilac is also helpful for edema and urinary retention. 

For the skin she is a cell regenerator, astringent and heal acne scarring and inflammation. 

She is cooling energetically and physiologically.

Colonial Americans used Lilac to treat intestinal worms and malaria. 

1 oz. dropper bottle


**fresh Lilac blooms, ***distilled spirits (Corn + Grain free), **Lilac infused Honey

**Wild gathered

Care Instructions

Keep in a cool dry place.

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