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Dream Weaver Botanical Perfume + Dream Oil

Dream Weaver Botanical Perfume + Dream Oil

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Dream-Weaver facilitates lucid dreaming and enhances dream recall. If you are interested in working with your dreams this infused perfume | anointing oil is for you. For this purpose simply anoint your wrists before retiring for the evening. Sniff your wrists as you lay down to sleep. 

Dream-Weaver can also be enjoyed as a perfume. Apply to pulse points as desired. 

10ml roll-on jar


***Olive oil, ***Coconut oil, **Mugwort, *Violets, Vitamin E oil

***Essential oils :: Lavender, Petitgrain, Clary Sage + others

*Homegrown, no chemicals
**Wild gathered

Care Instructions

Keep in a cool dry place.

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