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Cleavers Tincture

Cleavers Tincture

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Cleavers | Galium aparine

Cleavers is a wild weed spring green that provides just what we need during the transition from Winter into Spring. She gently cleanses the waters of our bodies by gently moving fluids, acting as a diuretic and lymph mover. Cleavers is helpful as a cooling anti-inflammatory for UTIs and kidney infections. As a potent lymphatic Cleavers assists the body in eliminating accumulated toxins, decreases congestion and reduces swelling. This moving cleansing action of Cleavers improves and boosts the functioning of the immune system. Like a fresh Spring rain cleansing the earth of the debris left by the melting snows of winter, Cleavers cleanses the waters of the body so you feel vitalized and flowing. Cleavers also protects the liver and stimulates bile production.

1 oz glass dropper


**Cleavers, ***distilled spirits (Non-gmo + gluten free)

**Wild gathered

Care Instructions

Keep in a cool dry place.

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